Are you a victim of the divorce courts in Canada? Divorced and unemployed? Divorced, alone and abandoned by your children? Welcome to "Divorce Hell" a.k.a. "Death Row" compliments of your Canadian divorce lawyer. If this isn't a curse cast upon us through the occult then just what is it? Let's examine the similarities, collaborate and take action to put an end to this demonic activity bestowed upon us by our divorce lawyers.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Things First … …

Canadian Lawyers are:
Mother Fuckers, Father Fuckers and 
Child Fuckers!

Canadian Judges are:
Twice as bad as lawyers
… … and let’s not forget it!

“Divorce Hell”
The only way out is death or suicide.

This being said, would it be to the best interest of victims of divorce and their children to organize a mass suicide to get out of this hell? This would get these lawyers and judges off their Ouija boards and they would not have to utter one more word of instructions for the spirit world to eliminate the victims of divorce whose names are on their hit lists (on the most part, their clients). By eliminating us as a group, they’re gonna fly and hence maintain their stature.

This will make them happy.

So, when and where?

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