Are you a victim of the divorce courts in Canada? Divorced and unemployed? Divorced, alone and abandoned by your children? Welcome to "Divorce Hell" a.k.a. "Death Row" compliments of your Canadian divorce lawyer. If this isn't a curse cast upon us through the occult then just what is it? Let's examine the similarities, collaborate and take action to put an end to this demonic activity bestowed upon us by our divorce lawyers.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Take a look at these "Divorce Scenarios" and compare them with yours:

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"So, how are the kids?"
  Does anyone ever ask me that question?


It's comes  with The Curse of the Canadian Divorce Lawyer. 
Do I ask anyone that question?


I've been in a state of mourning and I live alone in a state of solitary confinement for the past eight years.  Everywhere I go NOBODY goes with me, not even my shadow.  Just to prove a point ... ... I work in sales and there are no customers around on my shifts.  When I go for lunch or leave for the day sales pick up.  

I haven't seen my oldest daughter in six years and my youngest daughter I've only seen a handful of times in the past three years.  My youngest daughter was diagnosed with a terminal illness when she was about eleven by a doctor at Toronto Sick Children's Hospital and they make sure she'll get NO second opinion or medical treatment. She can't ... ... no matter how hard we try.  

I've filed reports with a number of Offices of authority about this ordeal and the situation continues to get worse.  Yes, it's true!  The authorities are the ones pulling all the strings, keeping us down and downer until we finally kill ourselves or drop dead ... ... Now that they know my name and where I live ... ...  That was my doing.  Who did I think I was reporting this situation that, in the end, was their "Baby"?  

Yes!  The authorities have the upper hand on this one!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Death Traps I've Encountered

Death Trap:  Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

Death Trap:  Lawyers

Death Trap:  Children's Aid Society

Death Trap:  Divorce

Death Trap:  Toronto Sick Children's Hospital

Death Trap:  Dialing "911"  -  Do It At Your Own Risk

Don't ask for help or try to pull through!  It will work against you!  Do nothing and it will work against you!

It's quite obvious to me that the authorities are operating these Death Traps, otherwise, for all the reports I've filed and complaining I've done, my problems should be resolved.  Instead, I'm travelling further and further down the voyage to hell that has been set out for me by their hand.

Mother Fuckers! 
Father Fuckers! 
Child Fuckers!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

To add to the heap, an Officer with the Police Force called me the other day to ask for a donation to one of their charities.  I wonder where they got my name and number from?  I wonder if they keep a list of people who have made reports and use the list for their charity ventures?  Is this harassment?

Of course, I explained that I have two missing children and, according to the authorities, there is legislation in place when our children reach the age of eighteen they can do whatever they want and they don't even take reports of this nature.  Our children don't have to tell their parents where they are if they don't want to.  This leaves me with no next of kin. If I drop dead or kill myself it leaves the ambulance services to clean up the mess because no one calls me to check up on me.  And, should I need help I'll have to call 911 because I have no family members who will offer assistance.  My children are my next of kin and where are they?  If they drop dead or commit suicide I'll never find out because I don't know where they live and that will leave the ambulance services to clean up the mess.  My children's cell phones are my life line to them. Supporting this behaviour is adding to their workload.  Do the authorities do this to parents out of spite?  I think so.  The world could care and neither does the Police Force so don't expect me to make a donation to any of their causes.  

Monday, November 1, 2010

Travelling Downward on this Journey of Divorce Hell ... ...

Well, it's official!  I've taken another flying leap backwards (or should I say forward) on the divorce trail.  Those golden words came out of my youngest daughter's mouth this morning.  

"I want my freedom!"

In light of this, my youngest daughter, Monica, has decided that it's better to rent a room in an apartment in an Ontario Housing project than to live with her mother who she's barely seen for seven years because, technically, she was abducted by her father, the Newmarket Divorce Courts made sure of it.  She's 21 now and can do whatever she wants according to Canadian laws.  Such a waste of the taxpayers money to have to support young adults who are so welcome in their mother's middle class homes where they would be safe and well taken care of.  Instead, she's been convinced by the people who she now associates with that living in a dump with second hand furniture (bedbugs and all) and eating macaroni and cheese is THE THING TO DO!  This may lead you to believe that she's dumb.  No, she's in extremely poor health and she's being coerced! She wasn't dumb until the divorce happened and the Town of Newmarket got their filthy claws on her and now, what was my family, is well on it's way to skid row.  One day she'll end up on a slab at the morgue and that will be the end of this beautiful young girl who was gifted when tested in Grade 3, just as the lawyers and Judges of the Newmarket Courthouse set it up. And, because they've conquered this Roman Catholic family, these lawyers, Judges, and their families will reach new heights!  It's just a game they play to achieve wealth and stature ... ...

Mother Fuckers!
Father Fuckers!
Child Fuckers!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Have you lost your car or had it stolen yet?  It’s a symptom of  “The Curse of the Canadian Divorce Lawyer”.  Yes, and so is not being able to find your car in parking lots.

On the family front … … how are the kids?  I wasn’t sure about mine and then my youngest daughter came back into my life and, after some cross-questioning, she let on that she is no longer living with her father.  She tells me she has a roommate.  This Thanksgiving Day weekend when we got together she brought along her application for Ontario Housing and insisted that, “She needs options”.  I argued that this was not the place for her.  She has never been near Ontario Housing so she doesn’t know that the rats are as big as the cats and, in these times, the housing units are filled by refugees of the worst of the third world countries and that they lack proper hygiene, they are illiterate and don’t speak English. Rodents are not the only area of concern in Ontario Housing.  Toronto's newspapers are filled with articles about the bedbug epidemic in the City's  apartments and, add to that, the exposure to head lice and body lice that comes with the territory if they are sleeping on used mattresses and bedding.

Social Services has our youth brainwashed into believing that ANYTHING is better than living with your parents.  My daughter is now over eighteen and so they are delighted to offer their services and reinforce in our children's minds that they are free to live their lives however they so wish and that their parents don’t have to know.  They do so knowing that they are digging our children's graves, putting them in danger and that most likely one of their parents, or both, will attempt suicide and, at some point, our children will follow suit.

Social Services in Canada are … …

Mother Fuckers, 
Father Fuckers 
Child Fuckers!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Things First … …

Canadian Lawyers are:
Mother Fuckers, Father Fuckers and 
Child Fuckers!

Canadian Judges are:
Twice as bad as lawyers
… … and let’s not forget it!

“Divorce Hell”
The only way out is death or suicide.

This being said, would it be to the best interest of victims of divorce and their children to organize a mass suicide to get out of this hell? This would get these lawyers and judges off their Ouija boards and they would not have to utter one more word of instructions for the spirit world to eliminate the victims of divorce whose names are on their hit lists (on the most part, their clients). By eliminating us as a group, they’re gonna fly and hence maintain their stature.

This will make them happy.

So, when and where?